Marissa, Illinois

Morsey, as a subcontractor, provided rebar procurement and installation services for the $2 billion, 1500 MW generating faciltiy in Marissa, Illinois. Morsey managed and self-performed the project that consisted of 13,500 tons of rebar ranging in size from #4 – #11 bars. The power plant is one of the largest power generating facilities under construction in the United States.

Furnish: Furnish consisted of detail, supply, fabrication and delivery of concrete reinforcing steel. Morsey was also responsible for off-loading and transport of steel to the work location utilizing just-in-time delivery due to no storage/lay-down area provided on-site.

Self-Perform: Work included receiving, handling, and installing 13,500 tons of concrete reinforcing steel for all foundations within scope, including: site development, pipe racks, boiler, steam turbine, electrical facilities, transformers, switchyard, flue gas support systems, precipitator/scrubber, stack/chimney, ash handling systems, fuel conveyor, water facilities, cooling towers, circulating water facilities, auxilliary services facilities, miscellaneous facilties, electrical duct bank , and 4×4 welded wire fabric.

Labor: Morsey managed a union workforce with no work delays for the duration of the project.

Safety: Morsey logged 200,000 manhours during the project and completed the project with zero lost-time injuries.


Installed 13,500 tons of rebar

Procurement and installation contract

Largest private capital project in S. Illinois history

Completed project with zero lost time injuries


Team Member Firm Performing Project: Morsey Constructors

Client: Bechtel

Value: $24 Million

Dates: 2007 – 2009

Type: Fixed Unit Price

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